“Filton Autotilt” Cask Stillage - 18 Gallon Auto Tilt


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“Filton Autotilt” Cask Stillage - 18 Gallon Auto Tilt

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When you consider the advantages of the Filton Autotilt, there is really no reason for not using them.

TIME: No need for regular checking and manually chocking your casks, the Filton Autotilt will gently tilt your cask as beer is dispensed.

BEER: A combination of smooth tilt control and manually setting the maximum tilt angle allows you to increase cask yields, leaving as little as 1 pint remaining in the cask.

MONEY: with reduced cellar management time and increased yields per cask(improving profits) the Filton Autotilt will pay for itself in a surprisingly short time.

SPACE: Filton Autotilts are narrower than a typical 9g cask and take up little space. By opting for a two tier racking system you can practically halve the amount of floor space your casks occupy.

Key Features:

All spring mountings are nylon bushed to avoid metal to metal contact. Rubber pads sit on and grip the rack beams preventing metal to metal contact. Hinge is mounted on four specially moulded nylon bushes. The rotating vee makes loading casks easy and safe. Hinge bar made from 16mm solid steel. Adjustable rubber anti-slip feet. Two high performance torsion springs made from heavy gauge heat treated spring steel. Each spring has five active coils. Adjustable height stop, allows maximum tilting of casks whilst preventing over tilting of heavily sedimented beers. The most versatile Autotilt Cask Handling system available, used in conjunction with Filton Racking.